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Accepted Papers

Day 1

8 Oct 2018

Session A: Proof-of-Concept Research

"Automatic Inspection of the External Quality Of the Date Fruit"

Aisha Hakami and Arif Muhammad

"An Emergency Mobile Application based Patient Monitoring and Tracking System"

Kahkashan Tabassum

"Prediction And Outline Detection on Climate Data Using eARIMA Time Series Analysis With Naïve SCKM Algorithm"

Sangita Babu and S. Gokila

"Deep Learning and Word Embeddings for Tweet Classification for Crisis Response"

Reem Alrashdi and Simon O’keefe

Session B: Scientific Survey

"Internet of Things (IoT) Security Issues and Technologies"

Rabie Ramadan and Ibrahim Alseadoon

"Offloading: A Cloud Based Energy Saving Techniques for Mobile Device"

Asharul Islam, Dr.Anoop Kumar and Mrs.Sadaf Yasmin

"Blockchain: A Backbone Technology of Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts"

Wazir Zada Khan

"Comparative Analysis on Requirement Engineering Modelling Techniques Case Study of Personal Al-Haj E-Guide"

Sehrish Tabassam

Day 2

9 Oct 2018

"Improving Response Rate in Anonymous Online Evaluation Surveys"

Nizar Alsharif and Nadeem Hassan

"A Bird's Eye View of Project Based Learning with Design Thinking for the 21st Century Learners : Skill for the Future"

Anandhavalli Muniasamy

Session A: Education in Computer Science

Session B: Quality and Accreditation

"Systematic Model for Prioritizing NCAAE Practices"

Mohammed Al-Shargabi, Muhammad Akram, Ahmad Taleb and Shah Al Masud

"Implementation of Quality Matters Standards on Blended Courses in Learning Paradigm"

Arshi Naim and Raja Abdur Satter

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